Commercial Public Adjuster

Commercial Public Adjuster

How Does A Commercial Public Adjuster Increase Claim?

In a case of damage or loss of property, the insurance companies send their commercial public adjuster to carry out investigation and evaluate what the compensation will be. This appears to be stress-free and efficient. As a result, you might wonder why you need to engage the services of a commercial public adjuster when your insurance company already sent one. It is crucial to note that both commercial adjusters do not have the same interest. The one sent by the insurance company will have to defend their interest, and the end of it all is to reduce your claim. The essence of hiring a public adjuster is for you to have an expert who will defend your interest. At this point, you should take a look at how a commercial public adjuster can help you increase your claim.


During the period of investigation, a set of questions are targeted towards uncovering issues that will help in evaluating the cause of loss or damage. In a case where you are nervous, you might give wrong answers, and your insurance company will still make use of them even if they are detrimental to you. Now, the expert you employ can carry out a personal investigation to help you get the right information.

Decipher Coverage Disparities

Since they are professionals, they can also help you decipher coverage issues before they get out of hand. This is because you might not be aware that such coverage issues exist until the insurance company decides to inform you. All these will be taken into consideration during compensation for damages.

Shared Control

Without the service of a public adjuster, the insurance company has full authority and control over the amount you will be compensated with. This is because you might not be able to interpret the policy properly. An example can be a claim that is paid based on Actual Cash Value where depreciation is subtracted. The method of calculating the depreciation and the estimated life expectancy has a great influence on the final decision. Having in mind that the insurance company will do its best to reduce your claims, it is imperative to have an expert stand in for your interest.

Business interruption coverage is a complicated but important component of insurance. It can only take a professional with vested knowledge in insurance to appropriately develop and submit documentations that will help you receive fair compensation for your income loss.


After the investigations by both parties and proper documentations made, the next step is the negotiation. This is done by the insurance company and the expert you engaged. The negotiations aim to reach a fair and just conclusion as regards your claim. Before now, the public adjuster must have proven to the insurance company's representative to be knowledgeable and must have earned some credit from the insurance company. Since the insurance companies are known to waste time in carrying out their obligations, this can also serve as a push.

In conclusion, you need skill and expertise to manage your insurance claim. Hence, it is most rational to engage a pro.


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