Hurricane Harvey Public Adjuster

Hurricane Harvey Public Adjuster

Hurricane Harvey: A Public Adjuster Can Help

At times like this it is harder than ever to focus on what needs to be done. For those individuals and businesses who have lost real property as a result of hurricane Harvey a public adjuster may be the best way to answer the question “What needs to be done now”? They can help sort through all of the details that need to be taken care of and provide a step by step plan of action, as well as remain on the job throughout the entire process.

Reviewing a Policy

Taking a close look at the policy is the first step. The devastation of a hurricane like Harvey is overwhelming, a public adjuster is an experienced professional, who is trained to review an insurance police for the policyholder. They are able to identify every detail within the insurance interment to take advantage of every benefit written into the policy.

The scary part of the ordeal should be over now, the fury of the storm has gone, it’s time to repair, replace and rebuild. Insurance companies employ claims adjusters to save them money. They want to reduce their bottom line at the end of every year. With a massive storm like this one, they are going to be looking to save everywhere they can.

The laws are designed to protect the policyholder and the insurance company. An experienced public adjuster knows the Federal and state mandates, insuring a fair and favorable process. The sooner the policy is reviewed the sooner the benefits can be released and received by the policy holder. Commercial policies can be even harder to decipher. They require a greater understanding, this can allow for larger payouts based on current Federal and State mandates. It is important to know every available avenue of benefit prior to filing a claim.

Claim Filling

No individual or company wants to let the insurance company save their money. They need every dime to get their lives back in order or their business back up and running. Hurricane Harvey dumped massive amounts of water, resulting in catastrophic flooding, a public adjuster will communicate with the insurance company on the behalf of the policy holder. Making sure that the claim is handled properly and every advantage is given to the policy holder, based on the policy and current conditions.

They have strong inspectors that will professionally document every detail of damage to real property, as well as document loss of wages or business losses due to time lost. The storm may have damaged more than just buildings and structures. Inventories may have been damaged or lost entirely. Every contingency covered in the policy will be accounted for.

The time to take action is now, the sooner the process is initialed the sooner business can rebuild and reopen. No one wants to face the rigors of insurance inspections on their own, the help of trained professionals can provide needed preparations that will result in the largest payout possible and that every benefit written into the policy is delivered as written.


Hurricane Harvey Public Adjuster
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